Good Night, Sleep Tight :)

As I sit here working on my website, I realize it is way past my bedtime :) I have been struggling with getting a good nights sleep recently. Maybe its related to my recent surgery, I have read somethings about your body taking time to get back into normal function after anesthesia. Maybe it is that I just enjoy writing about essential oils too much, I can do it all the way into the wee hours :) Maybe its that I have packed too much into my evening and night and my mind can not slow down. It seems my mind is running into the wee hours and will not slow down. 

I look over onto my night stand, and its like the lavender and vetiver oil is speaking to me! 

Many essential oils can promote and support healthy sleeping patterns. I reach over, unscrew the lid and apply them to the bottom of my feet and also my big toe! Your great toe is the reflexology point for your brain... and right now my brain needs to get the message these essential oils are trying to tell it! 

Goodnight all, sleep tight!