I’m a wife and mother of three amazing children, my family has my heart! I am a follower of Jesus. Without him by my side, I would not be where I am today. I'm a nurse, and love helping people feel better. I'm a essential oil junkie. I love to use essential oils and share my love with everyone I know. I love to educate and walk along side my friends and family as they use essential oils. 



I got introduced to essential oils three years ago. My mother was the first person to share essential oils with our family. One of the many reason's I am so thankful for her! Trusting her-- I jumped right in to the wonderful world of essential oils. I purchased my first starter kit and the rest is history! Not a day goes by or even a hour in the day where I do not reach for my essential oils. 

My family... my heart <3 

My family... my heart <3 

My decision to use essential oils led me to do research on using essential oils. This led me to start to make changes to my overall lifestyle. I now make healthier choices for myself and my family. I shop organic when I can, use natural cleaners for my home. This carried over into personal care, all natural products for us -- shampoo, face wash, soaps etc. 

I feel truly blessed and so thankful for what all of these decisions have done for my family.